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Devil's Backbone: The Invisible Walls of Seven Mile MP3 Audiobook

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  • There is no DRM protection applied to this audiobook because we believe that you should be able to own the things you pay for. 

    Digital goods, like audiobooks, are typically protected with DRM (Digital Rights Management), which protects the rights holders, but restricts the customer's ability to fully own the product. If the big audiobook platforms shut down tomorrow, you could lose access to all of the audiobooks you have purchased. In essence, you are not really buying an audiobook, you are buying access to listen to an audiobook. We think that is wrong.

    Devil's Backbone: The Invisible Walls of Seven Mile is yours forever once you purchase it. You can treat it as you would any other book you buy at a bookstore. Share it with friends and family. Gift it. Read it over and over again without worrying about losing access to your book. Once you download it, it is yours. That is our promise to you.

    You can only get this if you purchase on our website. If you buy our book on other platforms, your ability to share it may be restricted.

  • This book contains strong language, graphic violence, and adult situations. It is intended for mature audiences only.