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Get the script accompaniment to Devil's Backbone: The Invisible Walls of Seven Mile, the electrifying full-cast audio production from the creative team at Kaiser & Tilly Publishing and the immense imagination of author, George Caudill.

Journey to the twisted town of Seven Mile, a small town located along the banks of California's winding Russian River, where the fishing is great and the wickedness is greater.

A demonic curse is secretly unleashed upon Seven Mile after an evil devil cult leader moves his flock from Indiana to the tiny little town to hold an extraordinary and fascinating "church service". All in attendance become stricken with an evil affliction that leads to a brutal murder, a disgraceful prank, and the obsession of a game - setting off events that divide this once peaceful town and disrupt the lives of two generations.

The Great Seven Mile Divide, as it comes to be known, splits the town into two parts - each separated by the cool current of the Russian River and kept apart by their boundless hatred for one another. On one side of the river live the RIVER RATS, and on the other, the BLUE CATS. Anyone who dares to cross the lonely Seven Mile Bridge to the other side suffers harsh and brutal punishment for their betrayal.

Can the children of Seven Mile, who strive for peace, finally reunite the town? Or will their possessed parents, who are hell-bent on keeping Seven Mile divided, continue their torturous and tormenting ways?

Devil's Backbone: The Invisible Walls of Seven Mile eBook | EPUB version

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