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Lei Anand

My fondest memory of preschool and kindergarten was the library section. Curious George was my favorite! I’ve been an avid reader since then, always ready for another good story. My whole life I’ve always had a library card and have read thousands of books. With my local library cards from CA and NV and online capabilities I’ve checked out hundreds of stories to read or listen to for free on Overdrive and Libby apps.


During my career as a nurse I was fortunate to care for many thousands of people and families. First as a nurse aide I cared for whole wards of people with head traumas and spinal cord injuries.

Being so young, seeing the reality of people living their lives with broken bodies and brains was extremely mind and soul bending. It took me 2 weeks to assimilate the frightful existences people were living. Being able to help them in my small way, reach their full potential in activities daily living, I realized the calling of my existence on earth was to help others during ill health and wellness.


My Mom was a ‘lead lady’ at a plastics factory lifting heavy bags of plastic chips to pour into machines making Frisbees, poker chips, etc. My siblings and I massaged her back neck and shoulders more than often. I convinced my mother to attend nursing school with me. Though our nursing curricula was heavy, she took part time work as a nurse aide in Kaiser’s newborn nursery and also gift wrapping at an upscale store. At graduation the only job available at Kaiser Foundation Hospital Bellflower Intensive Care Nursery was offered to Mom. So, instead of lifting heavy bags of plastic she lifted and cuddled little bundles of baby for thirty years!

Though offered a position at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, I opted to work at Kaiser Foundation Hospital on Sunset Boulevard around the corner from Children’s because the pay and benefits were significantly higher. Worked in Complicated Obstetrics and Gynecology Surgery, Postpartum and Newborn Nursery Hospital Unit.

Sunset Kaiser is where I met Andy. He did autopsies and worked in the hospital laboratory when not in the hospital morgue. One day Andy sat at our nurse’s station to answer an overhead page years before pagers or cell phones. I looked at his name tag ‘Ashok Anand’ and asked, “What’s your name?” “Just call me Andy.” Just call me Andy doesn’t remember our first meeting, but soon asked me out, the beginning of our life together.

We married in a Hindu Temple in Los Angeles and moved to Walnut Creek California in Northern California the year after. We saved money for our first house going to the $1 matinee movies!
I was fortunate to get employment in Primary Care at Kaiser Permanente Clinic for Adults, Pediatrics, Allergy and Injection Clinics, an Asthma Educator for five years and my last twenty five years Clinical Pediatric Vaccine Research Coordinator testing new vaccines to prevent childhood diseases, disfigurement or death from contagious bacteria and viruses. Work load as a researcher was either ‘feast or famine’ when tasks were minimal I could sit in my office and listen to audiobooks for weeks and get paid!

Retirement has been great! I’m really good at it too! We’ve been fortunate to have traveled to many beautiful places on earth and experience many different peoples, cultures and foods.

Also blessed to live in California and in Nevada across the street from George, Lisa, Brandon, Kaiser and Tilly.

We spend our days trying to keep healthy and well. This crazy Chinese export has put a major damper on our travels and social gatherings. All planned travels have been postponed.

Thanks to Devil’s Backbone we have been greatly entertained. Without it 2020 would have been a total bust!


Kami - the saddest thing for a mother to leave her baby behind in order to preserve her life.

Katherine Gamble - working with paralyzed women and knowing what an absolute joyous miracle it would be to walk, and because I love dancing to make the scam healing seem real dancing again would be the ultimate!

Sandy - My sister and I used to pretend to be southern girls so it was fun to bring our playful voices used during a time of great sadness during our Mom’s cancer surgery to lighten our spirits.

Fondue - I listened to ghost stories.

Rita/Demon Flea Bug - That demon girl on my shoulder.


Tippy Toes


Dee-Onie Dartmouth and Demon Flea Bug


Kami - “My drunken boyfriend beat me, he tossed me over his back deck. I laid waiting for him to kill me, lucky for me he passed out. I kissed our two-week-old baby boy good-bye. I am so sorry I’ve left him.”

Katherine - “It’s a miracle! I can walk! I can DANCE!”

Sandy - “That’s my Mad Dog!”

Fondue - “Legend has it, loooong agoooo, there was a devil born in a tiny town in Indiana.”

Demon Flea Bug - “but only the God of heaven and earth holds power to destroy a soul. Not even Satan himself can destroy a soul; he can only own them. We’re born of free will to choose the god we serve. You’ve killed many nonbelievers of the Christ, setting them free from a world of strife, poverty, anger and hatred brought on by a rebellious woman who lived in a garden. God knew it was impossible for her to restrain from eating a forbidden fruit from a forbidden tree. God named the tree, the tree of life, but in reality, it was the tree of death. Eve he named his little guinea pig. The form of her name is Extraterrestrial Vulnerability Experiment. That was exactly what she was, a dangerous experiment gone wrong derived from a rib of a man.”


Rita - “Almost fooled ya didn’t I?” Rita laughs. “Your both boring, imbeciles!”


George Caudill said he was busy working on a book to bring people to God. I didn’t realize the magnitude of his endeavors towards his goal until given an early version to read. Andy and I read a chapter or two each morning before starting our day.


As a child I danced the hula to beautiful Hawaiian music performed by musicians welcoming tourists to Hawaii arriving on cruise ships and Hawaiian Village at the beach. Telling stories with hula hands graceful as birds soaring, swimming fish, waterfalls, palm trees swaying in the breezes, caressing a loved one and one arm holding out the reins and the other slapping my rear end getting my horse to giddy up!

Hawaiians speak a form of English called ‘pidgin’ so being born in Hawaii and Hawaiian, I did too. My family moved to California when I was eight, so I had to learn to speak proper English but can quickly revert to pidgin. I always laugh when I hear that broken English but it also warms my heart.

Also, my whole life with Andy he spoke with an Indian accent to get out of traffic tickets & on the phone with scammers, speaking like Idi Dada Amin the Ugandan president, or a Filipino from the lab, being British his Queen’s English is great too.


An amazing storyline and clearly defined characters each with specific life endeavors is thoroughly entertaining.


Amazed to take part in a spectacular production. My first experience in a recording studio, it was totally cool to hear the sound of my own voice from the microphone to the headphones.

It was so cool being able to be in the studio and listening to the wonderful and varied of voices of the performers and so awesome when they nailed lines from the script! Stellar! Glorious Laughter! Such a HIGH! Endorphin rush!

Tyler needed to sing a few words of ‘Amazing Grace’ one of the best gospel hymns ever. He didn’t remember it so Brandon played a bit of it. His ingrained musical ability gave moments of reverential AMAZING GRACE!

Logan’s rendition of Brett!

Smoky voice of Jerry Burgess.

George in Director mode was such a trip. Intense focus to get us to be, feel, and deliver the character’s voices. Made me want to do my absolute best! Brandon made the recording process seamless. I always looked at both to make sure my delivery was good. Lisa’s input and outlook was also important for cohesiveness of the production. Kaiser and Tilly kept it real too!

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