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David Elric Kilpatrick

Hello! My name is David. I'm 48 and I fall under the sign of cancer which means I love titties! Even more than Harleys! Nah! Not really! I love them both about the same. At the present moment, I'm a welder and doing ok! I like to make people laugh and get along with anyone. When I'm not busy being a goofball I'm usually in the garage building something useless. I'm just a 48 yr old with a kid's mind and I don't ever wanna grow up any more than I have to. That's about it other than I cant wait to get another Harley and make it cool to look at, just like me! Ok maybe I'm not that cool to look at but I'm still a cool, laid-back, nice guy and I believe in helping people and protecting people and I love Jesus Christ! I know He loves me too even if I do drive Him crazy at times.


Sam Spicer - A drunk with low self-esteem that knows he has reached his full potential and that it is nothing special so he takes great enjoyment in keeping others down and bullying them to keep them from reaching their full potential. Everyone knows someone like this and its not hard to connect to someone like this as it doesnt take much thinking other than basic thoughts! We connect to them because we feel sorry for them because they are so pathetic.


Tippy toes. She was the only character that didnt judge anyone or hurt anyone.


"Gentlemen, this tree don't have no barkin' dogs. You can try someplace else!"


Getting a Lyft ride to dollar rental is how I met George! We got to talking and I realized that this man is a pretty cool dude and he not only gives people rides but he plays instruments and that's something I've always loved. The world would be a sad place without music. Anyway, George told me about DBB and said that he has a character named Sam Spicer that was mine when it was time and I thought, "yeah! Ok. Sounds good!" but I was thinking I would never hear from him again and I was wrong. He called and he kept in touch with me and send me the script and assured me it would be soon we were doing this. One day he called asked me if I was ready. I really didn't know what to say. He asked me if I thought i could pull this off! I didn't really have nothing to say to that but....... Sam Spicer did! "Boy! You think I can't pull this off? You don't know a damn thing do you?" George loved it and he sent me the info to make it happen and here we are.


Nothing! George said I had a good voice and I just wanted to try it and see how it turned out. When it was done I was actually disappointed for a couple of reasons. 1 it was done. 2 the reason George wanted me was because of my voice and I gave him my voice but not my true voice. I wish I would have used my true voice but I was told I did good anyway so as long as the boss is happy then so am i. If I ever get the chance to make another id like to use my true voice but then again it depends on what character it is. I can be goofy as the best of them so who knows what voice it would be. I just know that hearing a character is just as important as seeing a character. Visuals are powerful so a voice should be too so that the listener generates a proper visual in their head. I would love to do this again and more than once. If I could I would do this for a living but there are others out there that are so good at this that I'm just thankful I slipped one in between the cracks.


I don't know yet until I hear it complete and when I'm able but I'm thinking it will be pretty good. I've listened to parts of it and I was amazed at how good, not some, but all of the actors were and I hope that I can hold my own against them. I'm not kidding. I think from what little I've heard that we have some very talented actors and that this book will do good. It's a very good story with some very good twists. Whatever happens, it was a good and fun experience and I met some good people that will be friends for life.


I liked that I was welcomed to the point I felt welcome there. I liked that I wasnt pressured and scrutinized but more relaxed and guided through the process with some very good pointers on what might help etc. It was awesome and I hope to do it again.

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