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About the Author

George Caudill

George Caudill was born in Hamilton, Ohio, and grew up in the small town of Camden, Ohio. From childhood, his mind refused boredom and his imagination could not be tamed. He craved the attention his outrageous make-believe stories would bring. He often shared them with anyone who would lend an ear.


In grade school, his imagination would habitually land him smack dab in the middle of the principal’s office. He became immune to having his ear twisted by teachers as they dragged him to the hall and placed his nose against the wall for the whoppers he told as an excuse for not doing his assignments or the three cracks that echoed down the hall because his imagination was far from what any classroom had in mind for him.


In high school, George dreamed of being a rockstar so he wrote songs and poems for his family and his classmates. He would often write love letters for friends to make them sound like Romeo and he also enjoyed writing excuses for students who skipped school. He must have been pretty good at it too, because they paid him ten dollars a pop.


As George honed his writing skills, he learned that half the class thinks you’re right and half the class thinks you’re wrong. It all depends on if their double espresso has kicked in yet. Either way, he concentrates on his ability to shock people, making the minds of his audience struggle to reenter their security zone.


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George invites his readers to a place that empowers them to get in touch with mischief and naughtiness long enough to flirt with their capabilities to be consumed. He offers a fascinating new style of penmanship that creates theater in their minds through his fabulous fable, supplying them with a fresh new realm of entertainment full of sound and music.


George loves an underdog. He wanted off-the-streets, raw talent that had never done any voice acting for his Devil’s Backbone series. He bet heavily on anyone with a spirit to perform. He believes if an individual has a heart for acting, he and his co-directors can and will mold them into a character and make them a star voice actor.


While driving rideshare, George would divulge his stories and search for voices that fit the characters of Devil's Backbone. He loved watching the faces in his rearview mirror as he listened to their laughter when he shared examples from the chapters. From millionaires to the homeless and bikers to rock stars - George approached anyone he believed could voice act, and not one individual ever turned him down.


George enjoys laughing with his family. He tries to encourage others as he loves talking and making videos with the homeless, surprising those that have no way of helping themselves with food and gifts. George also enjoys chasing rabbits with his dogs and the great outdoors. He refers to this as his God time.

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